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The River Dordogne seen from the battlements of Château de Beynac

River Dordogne from the battlements of Château de Beynac

Château de Beynac is just downstream from Laroque-Gageac, and is one of the most handsome castles along the river. It stood for France in the 100 Years War between England and France, but was taken (temporarily) several times by the English. The fortress was named “Satan's Ark” by the villagers because of its power. In the 13th century the lords of Beynac were the most powerful figures in this region, known then and still known now as Perigord, and the Perigord States General met here; the flags of the baronies are still displayed in the Great Hall where the barons met.

The place where the large photo was taken is 600 feet above the river; the village of Beynac-et-Cazenac at the bottom of the cliff is very pretty.

Château Beynac seen from across the Dordogne river

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