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 Château de Hautefort, Dordogne

 Château de Hautefort, The Dordogne

Hautefort is just gorgeous. Although there was an earlier castle on the site (there always is!), it was destroyed in the 100 Years War, and the present château built in the 16th and 17th centuries. It fell into disrepair until the de Bastard family bought it in 1929 and gradually restored it. The restoration was almost complete and the château furnished with many valuable antiques and tapestries, when it suffered a major fire in the 1980s, virtually all the contents were destroyed and major damage was done to the structure.

Despite the losses, the family set out on the restoration trail again, and now Hautefort is open to the public to admire the building, although now only the private apartments have been furnished as the owners still live here. It's a lovely, light building, and the location is wonderful. It's set on a plateau overlooking the village, with wonderful views.

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