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 Château Meung-sur-Loire, Loire Valley

 Château Meung-sur-Loire

I've had a privileged view of this château that few people get; my ex is an acquaintance of the owner, Francis Tachon, and Francis very kindly gave us a personal tour, showing us places not included in the public tour.

Meung is the only château in the Loire Valley that's fully furnished, the only one to have been occupied continuously for 900 years, and the only one to have subterranean dungeons. From 1200 until 1789 It was the residence of the Bishops of Orléans, although the resident at the time was dispossessed during the 100 Years War when English troops were garrisoned here.

The grounds hide a 60 feet deep oubliette, a dungeon where the only way in is through a hole in the top. Electric light has been installed so that visitors can get a better idea of what incarceration might be like. No, you can't get into the oubliette now, the view is through a grating covering the entrance.

The gardens are beautiful, the western facade of the building is stuccoed, and an 18th century garden laid out; and there are deer and other wildlife in the park.

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