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 Châteaux Quéribus, Aude, South West France

 Château Quéribus, Aude

Quéribus was a well known and feared fortress long before the bloody persecution of the Cathars, and it was one of the last of their strongholds to hold out against the Albigensian crusade. It's so high and isolated that from a distance it stands out on the horizon like a finger pointing at the sky, it stands on top of the highest peak for miles around. It's very accessible to the visitor as you can drive to it, but the entrance to the castle itself is very steep and narrow – a defensive measure against invaders.

After the end of the Albigensian Crusade in the 13th century, Quéribus, along with Peyrepertuse, Puilaurens, Aguilar and Termes, were vital fortresses protecting the French border with Aragon (Spain).

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