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The Walled Town, Concarneau, Brittany

The Old Fort, Concarneau

The Ville-Close (walled town) sits in the centre of the town, on a small island in the Moros river. It dates from the 14th century and has some more modern buildings squeezed into the attractive, and very narrow, medieval streets. You can walk around the ramparts for views over the harbour, the sea and modern Concarneau.

Concarneau is in southern Brittany, the area is very popular with British visitors with children, for camping and the beaches, as it's easily driveable from the western ferry ports in France.

One thing that's easily noticeable in Concarneau when the wind is in the wrong direction, is its major industry – fish canning – Concarneau is the third largest fishing port in France. Even with modern boats it takes a brave person to go to sea and make a living by fishing, and many of the boats fishing out of Concarneau are small boats operated by one family, and often the family's sole income.

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