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Conques, Aveyron

the small village of Conques, Aveyron

Conques is a drop-dead beautiful village snuggling in the gorge of the Dourdou River in the north of the Aveyron Département. Although it's only a few miles from a major highway and attracts a fair number of visitors in the summer, the ‘outside’ still feels a whole world away, even on a wet afternoon.

We found Conques on a hunt for a restaurant I'd read about: I remembered it was in a village in Aveyron or one of the adjoining départements, the village's name began with ‘C’, and most memorably, the restaurant served 5-course meals consisting only of desserts. The trail led us through some of the most spectacular scenery in a beautiful country, but we never did find the restaurant, if it still exists. What we did find was Conques’ extraordinary abbey – see the Religious section.

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