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The town square of St-Emilion, seen from the church terrace above

The market square in St Emilion, seen from the cathedral terrace above

This is the view from the terrace of St-Émilion's medieval Cathedral. The Cathedral is partly underground; the lowest level is a maze of pillars and ironwork supporting the structure above. Apparently the Cathedral is stable, but it doesn't look it.

St-Émilion is nearly all about wine; occasionally food, but mostly wine. It's 30 miles east of Bordeaux, in France's biggest wine growing area. There are some shops that sell things other than wine, but very few that don't sell wine of some kind. Perhaps it's just as well that most of central St-Émilion's steep, narrow streets aren't suitable for cars! The town has the most uneven cobbles I've ever walked on anywhere in France; perhaps the wine-sampling visitor doesn't notice after a while, but hiking boots would be my advice.

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