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Laroque-Gageac, Dordogne

Laroque Gageac, on the Dordogne River

Laroque-Gageac is regularly voted one of France's prettiest villages in polls of visitors, and it gets the visitors to prove it. High season here (late July-August) can be a bit of a trial if you want to explore the village, come earlier or later, but remember that the Dordogne gets a lot of rain from late September onwards. You can take river trips from here in the flat-bottomed boats called gabares.

In the 1960s Laroque-Gageac was the site of a major tragedy when houses built up against the cliffs were washed into the river in a violent storm, and 92 people were killed. The place where they stood, with the remains of chimneys and roofs built into the cliff, is still visible.

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