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The Inner Harbour at Honfleur, Normandy

the inner harbour, Honfleur, Normandy

This is the inner harbour at Honfleur, where the yachts and pleasure boats moor. The fishing fleet moor in the outer harbour. Honfleur's at the mouth of the River Seine, and is a popular place for a weekend break for the English as well as Parisians, as it's a short drive to the ferry port of Le Havre across the Pont du Normandie. The Pont du Normandie is one of the longest suspension bridges in the world, and certainly one of the most elegant, I'm just sorry I don't have a good photo of it.

The area around the inner harbour is full of craft shops, and places to eat and watch the world go by with a galette (savoury stuffed crêpe) and a glass of Calvados, Normandy's lethal apple brandy.

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