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The chasm named the Abîme du Bramabiau in The Cevennes, from inside

The Abîme du Bramabiau, in The Cevennes

The guided tour of the abîme takes 90 minutes, you walk about a mile. The walk to and from the nearest parking place takes about the same time, but it's considerably more than a mile. It's well worth it in the end. The long approach to the cave entrance, slowly winding down from the road, gives a wonderful view of the way the landscape drops away vertically in front of you, as if it's been sliced with a giant knife, to reveal the entrance to the cave.

The Bonheur stream starts on Mont Aigoual (the highest point in The Cevennes) and runs for about 5km before it goes underground and becomes the Bramabiau.

View of the entrance to the Abîme du Bramabiau from the hillside

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