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The Grotte des Demoiselles in The Cevennes

Stalacmite said to resemble the Virgin Mary, Grotte de Demoiselles, The Cevennes

These caves in the Thaurac Massif, on the southern edge of The Cevennes, have been known for many centuries and refugees from the numerous religious conflicts the area has seen, have sheltered here. Until the middle of the 20th century the only way in or out was through the swallow hole created by the river that carved the caverns, now a tunnel has been made for easy access. An amazing set of staircases have been created, mostly inside the walls so as not to damage the formations, and every now and again there are gaps where you can look out into the caverns from high up – literally a dizzying experience.

The stalagmite in the first photo is said to resemble the Virgin Mary showing the infant Jesus to the Magi; and the second one to resemble Jesus with his arms raised, giving a benediction.

Stalacmite said to resemble Jesus giving a benediction, Grotte des Demoiselles, The Cevennes

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