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The Roman Amphitheatre at Nîmes

The Roman Amphitheatre, Nimes

I wonder if a 21st century multi-purpose sports arena/theatre will last as long as this. It's over 2,000 years old, seats 7,000 people (uncovered) and is in use all year round. In Roman times a full house was 20,000 people.

It was used for gladiator games and bull races; and mock naval battles 2,000 years before Las Vegas was doing it. Nowadays concerts, plays, exhibitions, conferences and bullfights (corridas) are held here. In the winter a temporary roof is put over the amphitheatre, the building is heated and a full programme of events is held. You can even hire it for your own function if you want to, and can afford it.

Inside the Arena

In the second picture the stage is being set up for a classical music concert.

One of the corridors on the upper floor

The amphitheatre was built by the Romans with so many entrances and staircases that it needed relatively little work to make it compliant with modern safety regulations.

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