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Rocamadour, Lot

The pilgrimage site of Rocamadour

Rocamadour is the second most visited tourist site in France, after Mont St Michel. It was a major pilgrimage destination in its own right, as well as a stopping place on the Compostela Trail (to the Cathedral of Santiago di Compostela in Galicia, Spain). The Sanctuary of the Blessed Virgin at Rocamadour has attracted even kings and queens as pilgrims, down the centuries, but as is usually the case, there's no historical evidence for all the various claims that any significant person in ecclesiastical history, is closely associated with the site. In any event Rocamadour is worth a visit for the sheer beauty of the location.

The pilgrimage site of Rocamadour, Lot

The village occupies the lower part of the site, and the religious buildings cling to the cliff above. This is the only place in France I've ever felt I've been seriously overcharged. A lift runs inside the cliff to take visitors from the village to the top of the cliff; most of the car parking is at the top of the cliff. After an absorbing day exploring all the buildings and monuments, and having a meal and drinks in the village, you just don't feel like climbing all 900 and whatever steps back to the top of the cliff, so the choice is the lift. Just grin and bear it, Rocamadour is worth it.

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